Movies filmed in the MPD

The 19th century Architecture of the Meatpacking District
provided a unique backdrop for many movies shot in New York City,
the raw brickwork and gritty streets of the district
forming a Big Apple atmosphere for the filming.
Here are a few famous films that use the MPD
There's a story behind each of them
and I tell them on my guided tour!

Hear No Evil, See No Evil
Richard Pryor, Gene Wilder - 1989

001-See No Evil Hear No##CB
002-See No Evil Hear No##CC
003-See No Evil Hear No #CD

Cruising with Al Pachino - 1980

Single White Female
007-1992 thriller Single#D3
008-1992 thriller Single#D2

The Hours Ed Harris suicide scene
009-Ed Harris' suicide s#CF
010-Ed Harris' suicide s#D1
011-Ed Harris' suicide s#D0

Love with the proper Stranger

Serpico Corner of 13th street and Hudson
014-SERPICO -1973

Fatal Attraction

Coyte Ugly - filmed at Hogs and Heifers on 13th st and Washington st

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