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New York City's most original guided tours created from the Hellfirepress.com
Photo Archive of Underground Photojournalist Efrain John Gonzalez

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Efrain John Gonzalez is a photographic artist whose talents with camera and darkroom have allowed him to document and publish the wild and crazy nightlife of New York City's underground club and fetish party scene. He had unique access to some of the kinkiest and over the top events that were popping up all over the Old Meat Packing District when it was still full of red meat, before it was sanitized, cleaned up, and remade into the highest priced district in New York City.

      Now, as a fully licensed New York City Tour guide, he is offering truly unique illustrated guided tours in the Meat Packing District and under the High Line, tours that take you back to the good old days of the 80's and 90's, when the district was packed with some of the kinkiest, sleaziest and craziest bars and underground clubs in Manhattan. He invites you to come with him, to walk down those same dark streets and relive a time and culture in this city's past that was forbidden, sleazy, slightly illegal, and loads of fun, a time when movie stars and leather daddies partied the night in Manhattan's most exclusive underground play spaces.

Long vanished clubs such as the infamous HELLFIRE CLUB that started it all in a hidden chamber under the cobblestones of Ninth Ave, The VAULT, whose mob history was made famous in the Village Voice expose, The ANVIL, where preformance artist Ruby Rims wowed the crowds with "her" sexy antics on stage, and MOTHER, an ever changing fetish club who's theme of kink and glamour changed every night. He will personally take you up and down the cobblestone streets and under the High Line where these long gone clubs flourished, where cross-dressing hookers owned the streets, gay men had hot sex in the dark of the abandoned piers, and Dominatrixes walked their collared slaves in broad daylight. With his computer tablet, he can show you actual photographs that he took of these places at the height of their fame, and entrance you with stories of what the famous and infamous did in the backrooms, in the play spaces, and on the stage.

Efrain John Gonzales' photographic artwork, his shows in galleries, and Lecture series have been written up and given positive reviews in many exclusive and popular websites. Here are a few links to see the comments.

My latest interview with David Wolff and full of
stories and histories about the old clubs!

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time out new york

Length of tour in meatpacking district
90 minites minimum

Cost per tour
Prefered payment through PayPal. Contact me and I will be your guide to the Meat Packing district's kinky past

Private lectures and slide show presentations are available upon request. Submit your inquires for personal audiences, educational lectures, or private groups.

Contact me for details, and availability
vanishing new york

NYC Gay Pride March

NYC tattoo convention


Tour Dates

I want to thank all those who have came on my tours.
Please keep an eye on this webpage for my next big tour.

Next schedualed tour:
April 23 (Sunday) Gather - 7:00 pm (14th st & Ninth ave) Start Tour - 7:30 pm
Cost - $35

May 7 (Sunday) Gather - 7:00 pm (14th st & Ninth ave) Start Tour - 7:30 pm
Cost - $35

May 14 (Sunday) Gather - 7:00 pm (14th st & Ninth ave) Start Tour - 7:30 pm
Cost - $35

May 21 (Sunday) Gather - 7:00 pm (14th st & Ninth ave) Start Tour - 7:30 pm
Cost - $35

May 28 (Sunday) Gather - 7:00 pm (14th st & Ninth ave) Start Tour - 7:30 pm
Cost - $35

June 4 (Sunday) Gather - 7:00 pm (14th st & Ninth ave) Start Tour - 7:30 pm
Cost - $35

     Contact me if you wish to reserve a space on the tour. I will send you a number you can text me at so you can find us if you get lost in traffic or choose to cancel out

     Contact me to inquire about future dates. or if you wish to arrange for personal tours or large groups. I am willing to be flexible with time and dates for visitors who find themselves in the city on short notice and need to whip up something fast and fun.

          Tour Cost:


Please Contact me to reserve your space on the tour. I will contact you pending any change in the weather.
(You will be given a cell# to call or text if you wander off and get seperated.)

corner of 14th street Ninth ave and Hudson Street.
Please call or email for a reserved spot on the tour to get the exact meet spot in the Meat Packing Districtfor

I welcome you to join me for this Unique photo illustrated tour. Walk with me and get a unique lecture and photo show in and about the old Meat Packing District of New York. I will give you a unique view of the past that is personal, intense, historical, dramatic, passionate and unforgettable.
   This is a walking tours that take you back to the good old days, from the 70's to the 90's, when the district was packed with underground clubs, fetish bars, biker bars, tattoo galleries, and play spaces, complete with my personal photos from the Hellfire Press Archive of the clubs and streets as they were back in the past. It's gonna be fun!

Schedule a Private Tour

New in Town? Limited on your time? Looking for something wild and perfectly safe.
Coming in with the gang and you need to find something fun, interesting and slightly
crazy to do before you head back home? Want a taste of old NewYork City's
underground night life, and it's wild and crazy creativity and avant guard culture?
With my talents, I can create a one-of-a-kind tour just for you,
a tour for one person or for your entire group.
Contact me and together, we can design a special tour that fits your time and energy.
From the Meatpacking District, to other parts of town, like the East Village,
Chinatown, and even a few fun places in Brooklyn!
                                                                                                                      - My Meatpacking District Tour starts at 14th street and ninth ave.
                                                                                                                      - Easy to reach by subway using the A train and the 2
                                                                                                                            and 3 line to 14th street, then walk to ninth ave.
                                                                                                                      - Other tours of NYC neighborhoods can be planned.
                                                                                                                      - All easy to reach by Subway.
                                                                                                                      - Cost of tour starts at $35 dollars for 90 minutes.
                                                                                                                      - Call or text for more information - 718 496 6583
                                                                                                                      - Email at - gonzo@hellfirepress.com

"What makes this photo collection so special is that it preserves and reveals a part of New York that most New Yorkers never witnessed. Efrain ventured into the city's transgressive spaces. He returns with proof that another city existed once, and that its people were something to see."
                                 - Jeremiah's Vanishing New York

"Photographer Efrain John Gonzalez shares more than three decades worth of images, culled from the Hellfire Press archives, which document the once-thriving gay and fetish scenes in the Meatpacking District. "
                                 -Time Out New York

The Meatpacking District is famous for its gritty and industrual look,
and several movies used its atmosphere as background. Here are a
few famous movies filmed there, using the raw meat and red brick as a canvas


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