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Here I am building a new page for the display and sale of my unique images. Here I wish to offer you the opportunity to own some of my best Artwork.
Lenny Waller - A life Underground
An intimate portrait of LENNY WALLER, who ran the infamous Hellfire club and Manhole in the heart of the Meatpacking District
A rare collection of photographs, flyers, newspaper clippings, personal letters and awards, detailing the life and times of the kink underground's most beloved personality and activist, some scanned from the originals found in his home in the Bronx. Rare photos from the underground S&M and fetish club scene that blossomed in the district in the 80's and 90's. Original B&W photos taken during private events inside of New York's kinkiest underground clubs, and the stories behind the images and the culture. Many original photos from the Hellfirepress.com Archive
A historical tribute to a man who protected and champtioned the fetish cultures

Ink & Steel
Photos of the Tattoo convention at the historic and now vanished Roseland Ballroom of New York City
This collection of 200+ portraits taken at the historic midtown ballroom. In this colorful new book, he captures both the spirit of the many individuals and the rich uniqueness of their fantastic tattoos, piercings, brandings, cuttings, subdermal implants, and radical transformations. Many of the images of this great tattoo art and extreme individuals were photographed from over a decade of tattoo conventions at the beloved and vanished Roseland Ballroom.
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