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image of me all wild and crazy
Latin for: I am Human, Therefore nothing Human is Alien to me.
Who is that man???

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Efrain John Gonzalez is a photographer with a bent to the unusual, the erotic, and the sexually extreme. An internationally published photographer who for the past 20 years has been seeking radical images that tells a story of people finding their souls with piercing, branding, cuttings, tattoos, latex, leather and a whole lot of radical sex and sexuality. He has traveled from coast to coast to find images of people exploring their limits (as well as their skin ). Much of his photographic imagery was taken at the moment it happened, at events such as Living in leather (Portland, Chicago ), The Fetish Factor (East Village ), Wig stock (Thompson Square), The Eulenspiegel Society (New Yory City), Mayday (Seattle), The Black Rose (Washington D.C)., The Power Exchange, and The Fetish Fantasy Flea market (Boston). Some of his work has been compared to that of other famous photographers , such as Robert Mapplethorpe, and Helmut Newton, but he prefers to see his work more in the light of such photographers as Weegee, W. Eugene Smith, and Erich Salomon. Their dedication and artistry allowed them to use the camera to capture the living core of human experiences. What Efrain Gonzalez tries to tell us through his lens is the idea that Radical sexual play is not the symptom of some bizzare mental illness that it has so long been perceived to be by those who fail to understand it, But that radical sexual play is a natural outreach of the sexually curious and exploralion of the self by those chosen few who dare to walk down forbidden paths to seek an inner truth

Why do I get the feeling that someday I'll be describing this to a psychiatrist?
- Homer Simpson

I love to travel and cover events where body mods, like tattoos, and piercings are celibrated. Last May I photographed people at the Tattoo convention at Roseland in New York City. On New Years Day I went to the heart of beautiful Maryland , where I photographed a private play party where you could see all kinds of piercings being used and abused for all kinds of interesting effects. I saw so much, and yet its so hard to capture exactly on film the feelings that I saw in the moment. To push the button on a camera in such a moment that all the things that I see are perfectly aligned so that the image that results will tell the story of that moment.

Society is one vast conspiracy for carving one into
the kind of a statue it likes,and then placing it in the
most convenient niche it has.
- Randolph Bourne

Where do I get these Images of sexual play and pain How can such images of love and pain; play and torture, laughter and blood exist side by side, even in the same space and moment. The truth is that these images of souls inflecting pleasure and pain is a reality that is perfectly normal There is no insanity , no mental aberration , but a health expression of the inner self that is normal and in many ways spiritual. How is it possible to love in this way .

Those who cannot understand what is in our souls say................

Is it not insane!?!

Is it not a sign of mental aberration!?!

Is it not illness!?!

Is not all of this behaviour a sin!?!

Is it not an unnatural act aganist God !?! But wait , Isnt that what they said about being gay, or about being lesbian,

they even said it about Elvis!!!

Bisexual Resource Guide; Second Edition

Das SM-Handbuch ; Charon-Verlag, M.T.J. Grimme, 1996

Fetisj Tabu ; Oslo,Norway

Bad Attitude
Body Play
Pony Press
SandMUtopia Guardian
Schlage Zeilen
Taste of latex
Time Out
Women In Power

Shows and exhibitions

Mosaic Books - 167 Avenue B, NYC , May 4, 198?

Sexhibition - Kampo Cultural Center, Bond Street, NYC, Febuary 1991

May Day 1992 - Masonic temple, Seattle WA, May 1-3 1992

Lust - Rita Dean Gallery, San Deigo, CA., August 1992

Rated X Show - Neikrug Photographia;East 68 st, May 1987, 90

The Black Rose - Washington DC, August 1993

Taste Of Latex - Benefit Party 432 West 14TH Sreet, May 30, 1994?

Tease-o-rama - The Vault, 28 Tenth Avenue August 25 1995

SEXART 4 - Mark I. Chester Studio, San Francisco,Sept 1995

Alt.sex.photo - Hellfire club, 28 Ninth avenue, September 29, 1995?

5th Gay Photo Exihibit - Leslie Lohman Gallery; 131 Prince St, NYC, Apr 1996

Gaelic Gotham.- Museum of the City of New York, Apeil 9,1996

Tattoo - Studio Museum of Staten Island, Oct 1996

Club Casanova: The Year In Review - Cake, 99 Avenue B, Dec 29,1996

Fetish Tabu - Drammen Kunst-Forening; Oslo, Norway, March 1997

Permanent Collections

The Body Archive - 9 Ninth Avenue, NYC 10014

Museum of The City of New York - Fifth Avenue at 103 Street, NYC

If you wish to see more of my photographic madness,
or purchase prints of my work
Email me at;gonzoonfirst@erols.com

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