I M A G E S   F R O M   A   D I F F E R E N T   P A T H       
                    K N O W L E D G E                             
To help you understand more about the different types of photographs that I produce, and how each affects the life and long term value of each print, these terms will help you to know more about the kind of photo that you are interested in.
acid free - Removal of acidic chemicals that will age the silver image.

archival - A process of preparing a print so it is free of chemicals that will age and stain the print. First it is washed to remove chemicals, then it is framed in materials that are free of acids and stains that will contaminate an acid free print, creating a photograph that will last hundreds of years.

CYMK printing - stands for "CYAN-YELLOW-MAGENTA-BLACK" the 4 colors that are used in 4 color printing.

Fiber print - A photographic print where the silver emulsion is on a fiber paper. Requires a lot of washing to extract toxic chemicals from the water permeable paper.

glicee print - A term used to describe INK JET prints, where a photo surface is sprayed by microscopic droplets of ink from a computer operated INK JET or BUBBLE JET printer.

matt - A smooth, non glossy photo surface finish. also a term to describe a paper frame that holds a finished photo so it is protected and will not touch the glass in a photo frame.

platinum print -

RC PRINT - photo made on water resistant plastic base.

Sepia print - A brown or yellow toned photograph.

Toning a print / Toner - Toning is a treatment of a finished print in a solution to change the color of a print, and to add to the protection of the silver image by making it more stable.