Remembering THE CLUBS
a photographic tour of the old sex, kink and bondage clubs of New York City

The VILLAGE VOICE has recently given us an article that describes the long gone meat market sex and bondage club,

A fabulous gathering place for all kinds of kinksters located in an old four story refrigeration building on tenth ave and 13th street.This article brought back great memories of a district that was the location for many parties, hidden clubs, street fairs, street hookers, porno theaters and Leather events. A piece of NEW YORK CITY'S S&M history, where so many, from Movie stars, to lowly submissive, traveled to late at night for wild fun and decadent pleasure. The article brought back many memories for those of us who spent many nights at the VAULT, the HELLFIRE club, MOTHERS, PADDLES, J's, the LURE, and others come and gone.
Read the article in the VILLAGE VOICE and let it bring back memories.The great photos in the VOICE article were taken by me at the VAULT on tenth ave!

Then take a tour of New York City's Kink History in my photo archive. See what made the Meat market district so hot at night! Come and revisit New York City unique underground past, from the east village to the Hudson River, in a unique collection of photographs that I have carefully saved and preserved, text, links, and maps to show where was the exact location of these lost places. A real view of the dark clubs of New York City.

I will add new locations as fast as I can scan my old images, and convert them into pages for your enjoyment, and to show the future generations what life was like in those secret places.
If you have stories to tell, send them in Emails and I can add a better dimension to this history.