These are a collection of panoramic views that I stiched together with photoshop. These are my unique visions of the city as an extended view, using multiple photography and then hand stiching the images so that the sweep and beauty of the view fills your eyes.


116586 117011 117035
116586.jpg 117011.jpg 117035.jpg
117077 117112 117441
117077.jpg 117112.jpg 117441.jpg
150549 150576 DSCN1253wf
150549.jpg 150576.jpg DSCN1253wf.jpg
DSCN7802 DSCN9524a DSCN9925
DSCN7802.jpg DSCN9524a.jpg DSCN9925.jpg
pwa2DSCN0047 wfDSCN0142a wfDSCN0811d
pwa2DSCN0047.jpg wfDSCN0142a.jpg wfDSCN0811d.jpg

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