A quiet stroll of Manhattan's old meatpacking district back in the mid 80's when it had real meat! Around Washington street and 14th and 13th street.


009_West_village_meat#42F5C 009_West_village_meat#42F5D 017_west_village_meat#3E4E5
009_West_village_meat#42F5C.jpg 009_West_village_meat#42F5D.jpg 017_west_village_meat#3E4E5.jpg
017_west_village_meat#3E4E7 017_west_village_meat#42F5A 0936a
017_west_village_meat#3E4E7.jpg 017_west_village_meat#42F5A.jpg 0936a.jpg
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0936e 0936f 0936i
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0936m 0936n 0936o
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0936p 0936q 0936r
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0936s 0936st 0936u
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0936v 0936vt 0936w
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0936x 0936y 0936z
0936x.jpg 0936y.jpg 0936z.jpg
0946 0946.gREDO 0946.i2redo
0946.jpg 0946.gREDO.jpg 0946.i2redo.jpg

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