For those who remember the Yahoo group "BrooklynGloryHole"
which brought together so many horney men to the gloryhole at 14th street in Park Slope,
which, alas, is no more!

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For those who remember the Yahoo group "BrooklynGloryHole" which brought together so many horney men to the gloryhole at 14th street in Park Slope, which, alas, is no more!
So here are a few surviving photos of a wonderful place, and parts of a letter I recieved from one of the guys who enjoyed Eric's unique service. This loving letter says the whole story better than I ever could about about Eric and his 14th street Brooklyn Gloryhole.

Subject: Re: [BrooklynGloryHole] Update on Eric
Date: August 2, 2007

"Thank you so much for writing to us all about Eric S----- and Eric's gloryhole that you posted on your site.
Eric's sudden death was really upsetting, but also got me thinking about Eric, and even about sexual exploration. I thought I'd share a few memories and thoughts with you. First, I too really liked Eric and appreciated his pursuit of what he enjoyed. Eric was more than a "cocksucker" to me. He was a real, genuine human who had a passion for cocksucking and the erotic scene that he'd set up in his 14th St. place. I remember how charged the air was there--charged with sexual appetite and expectation--and how turned on I'd get walking there, squeezing my cock through my jeans! (I'm getting hard as I write this! ;-P) I'd saunter into his apartment--I liked to wear cowboy boots so he could hear me come in, and then I'd strip down out of my jeans and maybe pet the cat a little and check out Eric's nice dick dangling between his legs (he didn't really like it if you touched him, as I recall) as I dribbled a little olive oil onto my cock and massaged it into my meat, stroking to get a little hard and slick for him. Like you, I remember holding onto those chains and pressing myself into the holes so Eric could take my dick as deeply as possible. It was hot just seeing my bush against the painted wood, and of seeing Eric's facial hair and red lips gobbling up my dickhead. I would usually pull out a little if I was close to spunking and then push my shaved balls to the hole so Eric could tongue them, too. I miss that, quite frankly. When others would arrive, there would be the excitement involved in that;
watching Eric switch back and forth between cocks;
being next to another guy who was enjoying the pleasure's of Eric's mouth so throughly;
and sometimes sharing some erotic exchanges with another guy who'd come to Eric's. (On one occasion, I remember tonguing the ass and thick base of a guy's cock while Eric worked on the guy's cockhead through the hole. Later, that guy and I ended up getting off at his place, which was another service, in a way, that Eric provided--providing a place where other horny guys in the Slope or area could be together.) Of course, it was equally exciting to come into Eric's place to see a guy's asscheeks flexing as he thrusted in and out of Eric's strong mouth through the gloryhole. The sounds of skilled cocksucking really make me hard, so that part of the scene I miss; it really worked for me! Finally, the cumming with Eric was great. He always sucked so hard and tight, and at some point I'd hoarsely whisper to him--my mouth was always dry by this point, from heaving in and out air as I was being sucked off--to work on my cockhead, at which point he'd tongue it like a melting ice cream cone until I shot a big load into his mouth, and you could really feel his head bob a little as he swallowed your cum; you could really tell he loved to eat your warm thick juice because he'd utter these small quiet moans when you filled his mouth with your load. Eric liked to nurse a blown cock, too, which always made me feel he'd very much liked what he did.

On an entirely different level, I also appreciated Eric's droll sense of humor and his eagerness to accommodate the schedules/timing to folks, too. He often was surprisingly efficient and had a carefully arranged plan for hosting! (Perhaps he was a production manager somewhere in his work

I think I also felt I understood him as a human because even though I went to him to "get my rocks off," I understand the erotics/interest in wanting to suck a lot of cocks, feel guys loose their loads, relax and then unwind a little. (Don't we guys get stressed!!?) I love the feeling of a guy stiffening in my mouth and love to feel him explode with cum in my mouth, so I could see how the gloryhole thing worked for Eric. Forgive the unintentional pun, but he DID provide a little service to dudes, and I remember him fondly and with admiraton (and, OK, a little envy, too!) for that.... When he passed away, I contemplated doing some little project based on the whole experience. Maybe meeting up with guys who had been at the GH? (even though I realize that the anonymous factor might make that difficult...) His passing upset me more than I realized, but at the same time, the pull and intertia of daily life kept me from doing it. Plus it seemed a ittle weird--what, a support group for dudes who liked to get blown by Eric?? That sounded strange and perhaps unmasculine, yet in a surprising and odd way, it probably would have been of some comfort to see other guys and hear them tell stories about Eric if only to make it clear that Eric's absence did in fact leave a kind of void. (I also thought it'd be kinda cool to see just how many dudes left their cumloads at Eric's too...!)
I was SO glad to see that you'd followed up on Eric's passing and gave us all a chance to remember him, and care about him in any way we could, and honor the many ways that people can explore their sexuality and desires and tastes."

end of letter